Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir
Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir


Areas of research

My main areas of research have during different times been: Metaphysics (ontology, properties, objectivity and subjectivity), philosophy of mind (sense perception), feminist philosophy (metaphysics of gender, Mary Wollstonecraft), philosophy of science (realism/anti-realism). My most current research is within social ontology and social epistemology as well as feminist philosophy. I am currently thinking a lot about issues concerning social power dynamics and the motivation of social movements, epistemic injustice, gaslighting and other forms of manipulation, economic inequality, ways of classifying humans, dehumanization, the status of women in science and academia, and various things related to the #MeToo movement, to name a few of my slightly too many interests.

The Reality of Money

I was the principal investigator of the project The Reality of Money, funded by the Icelandic Research Fund, from 2015 through 2017. My book, The Reality of Money: The Metaphysics of Financial Value, is a product of this project and is due out in the Values and Identities series by Rowman & Littlefield International in October 2018. It is on the ontology of money, enlightened by various social and political issues.

Feminist Philosophy Transforming Philosophy

I was involved in the project Feminist Philosophy Transforming Philosophy, located at the University of Iceland, from 2015 to 2017. The project was dedicated to exposing how feminist philosophy can be a transformative power within philosophy as an academic discipline.